Freelance Techie

With a broad range of people skills, technical acumen, experience, solid work ethic, creativity and critical thinking skills, I am sure to be able to be able to create solutions with you.

Web Development

Having started web development at the dawn of the internet, few have more experience in this field. I have skills that range the full spectrum of the project cycle.

Project Management

I've taken many projects from the idea stage through conceptualization, implementation, testing, and finally launch. But unlike many others, for me that is not the end of a project as I'm also interested in management, feedback, metrics, and analysis. Any project can benefit from the philosophy of continuous quality improvement.


One of my most popular services, I offer unique database solutions tailored to fit your needs. Whether you want to create a system to manage whole business, segment your lists, manage the financials, or get better at pulling important reports.

Data Analysis

There was an awkward moment as a geek when I realized that others did not feel comfortable around large spreadsheets and data sets. With so much information, we sometimes lose sight of the important details that cause us to miss opportunities. As a student of Edward Tufte I have learned a few tricks for visualizing information in a way that is illuminating and accurate. Once we have a good handle on our data, then we can start to draw conclusions and improve our practices.

Training and Instruction

Do you want to learn something I know about? I can prepare a structured learning experience for you: a mix of demonstrations, fun exercises, goals, and challenges, along with continual interactive feedback. I can even tailor it to your favorite learning style.

Video Production

I have a great deal of experience because I have filmed, edited, and posted over 200 videos on youtube. Some videos were filmed at events where you have one chance to get the footage, and sometimes I served as director, ensuring all the technical details were right from sound to lighting, to create a persuasive and compelling short.

IT Network Troubleshooting & IT Support

With three decades of computer experience, I have a deep understanding of computers, the importance of user training, and proper configuration.

Graphic Design and Branding

As a creative person, I enjoy visualization of concepts and rich optical experiences. If you need help developing or implementing logos, slogans, color palettes, I have a great deal of expertise in graphic design and layout including websites, publications, posters, business cards, and more.

Event Logistics

Because I know that preparation, testing, and redundancy will make your event a success. I understand logistics, especially the technical hurdles related to live-streaming, video recording, professional photography, registration management, and even crowd control.

Member Support

Are you supporting your constituents as much as you can? What programs and services would they value the most? Whether the challenge is surveying the membership, gathering feedback from key stakeholders, or making sure everyone is getting regular newsletters, I've served membership organizations in various capacities throughout my career.

Online Fundraising

My experience shows that if you don't ask, and you don't know how to ask, you won't get much support. With analysis and testing you can get some real insights about when to ask, what to ask for, and what your donors are willing to support.

Social Media

After starting out as a social media skeptic, I slowly built up a huge social media presence for a leading advocacy group. While keeping a steady hand and curating quality content, I soon realized that when we go viral, we reach a much larger and younger audience than our database could reach. In turn the social media presence began to reflect the success of the organization.

CRM Systems

From creating a CRM system, managing the organizational use, and implementing API solutions, I am well versed in the challenges of Constituent Relationship Management.

Creating Content

Writing newsletters, curating resources, creating charts, drawing graphics, taking pictures, shooting videos, it's all in a day's work. Using a process to ensure review and vetting to make sure we're only sending out the best, most effective material

Community Support

Bringing people together is an important task, and I have experience ensuring that we are managing our time effective to meet common goals. I do well as a community organizer because of my skills at collecting information, demonstrating a task, moderating an online forum, leading a meeting, managing volunteers, or just making sure we order enough pizza for everyone.

Leadership, Business Management, and Strategic Direction

As an experienced leader, my philosophy has been to bring dedicated people together and to create an open dialog that supports good ideas and leads to success.

I've served in diverse leadership roles in the non-profit sector from team member, event lead, board member, up to association president.

In general, I balance preparation with keeping options open to adapt to new conditions.

When it comes to managing money, I tend to be a fiscal tightwad. I won't approve needlessly risky expenditures but I believe the case can be made for a quality idea, especially if someone with passion and a proven track record is there to help ensure project success.

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