Hire a Tech Guru

With a broad range of people skills, technical acumen, leadership experience, demonstrated work ethic, and analytical skills, I am sure to be an asset to your team.

Regarding technical work, it is hard to beat my nearly 30 years of experience as a computer expert, with nearly 20 years of HTML and web development.

Along with extensive computer experience, I was creating databases, managing data and putting together reports going back to the early 90s, with web development experience starting in the mid 90s. In the early 2000s I developed CRM systems using Access, CGI and .net, which are still in use today. I have recent experience managing constituent data with Avectra, Convio, synching data with other online CRM platforms, API implementations, and using a CMS to ensure data and content integrity on the website of a leading advocacy organization. Because of my attention to detail, I was also in charge of the process to make sure that millions of emails sent on tight deadlines were properly reviewed, tested and free from mistakes.

Although my technical background is solid, my strongest overall skill is being someone who relates to people. I enjoy working with others and am good at interacting with executives, creatives, administrators and techies. I also have a knack for training others, presenting statistical reports, and explaining technical concepts to people who may not be familiar with them. I am interested in efficiency, following best practices, life long learning, innovation, and continuous quality improvement.

I am very careful about time management and deadlines, so I am very selective of projects and clients. I would love to give you an opportunity to learn more so be sure to:

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